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FCA's Vision

"To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of Coaches and Athletes" 

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A note from our Multi-Area Director, Hal Hiatt...

Dear Friends of FCA,

For more than 60 years FCA has been focused on a simple vision, “To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of Coaches and Athletes.” That influence in our culture has proven to be an incredible platform for sharing the Gospel! Last year almost 90,000 first time commitments to Christ were made through FCA’s Four Core Ministry Platforms: Coaches, Campus, Community and Camps.

The pages on this website represent the Coastal Carolina’s FCA Ministry summary and vision plan for growth. Though some of the information on these pages are an estimation of what can happen, it is based on what we have already seen happening through God’s amazing grace! He has given us a vision to see this vital Kingdom impact increase exponentially in the coming years. We are praying intently and specifically for His anointing in two particular areas so that this vision might become a reality.

1)    We are praying for God to raise up His Staff Ministry Team to carry out the ministry work that he has called us to through FCA.

2)    We are praying for God to raise up Teammates in Ministry to provide the undergirding physical resources to appropriate all that is needed.

*In each of the five Area Summaries that you'll see on this web-site, (correlating with the FIVE AREAS that make up the Coastal Carolina's FCA Area), you’ll find a section entitled “Areas of Ministry”. The schools listed on these pages represent the footprints of ministry for that particular Area. Our vision for ministry growth identifies the need for two FCA Area Representatives, (1 Male and 1 Female), who will serve four to six Campuses. In this model, each of the five areas will need 6 to 8 new FCA Area Representatives who will serve each of these footprints of ministry. As we see this staffing model achieved, the increase of NEW FCA ministry will be tremendous!

 Will you join the FCA Team? Thanks for your time and prayerful consideration of this mighty movement of God – For His Glory. I would love to hear from you and share more information about FCA’s Ministry…

Your Teammate in Christ,

Hal Hiatt

Multi-Area Director

Coastal Carolina’s FCA

Call Me: 910-619-6809

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